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Model 3400 Folding Chair

3" Padded Seat - 1" Padded Back

BEST DEAL: 24 or more. (6 chair minimum order.) Quantities of 6-12 have a 30% upcharge plus setup fees. Quantities of 13-23 have a 15% upcharge plus setup fees. CONTACTUS for orders under 24! Call (779) 500-0670 If you have needs or custom options that aren't listed, you can note them in the comments area of your quote request.

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A popular choice among Facility Managers and Coaches for K-12 athletic team bench logo seating and locker room seating.

The 3000 Series portable folding chairs offer advanced comfort with a 3 inch (76 mm) upholstered seat and 1 inch (25 mm) upholstered seat back. Add a printed or embroidered logo to the seat, seat back, and seat gusset to show school spirit or corporate support. Advertise sponsors on the back of the seat back as a great fundraising technique that local businesses love.

Clarin Seating offers a wide selection of accessories to personalize and customize the seating in your facility. Athletics Pro, your exclusive Clarin Seating dealer will work with you to create the right product solution to fit your facility, your needs, your vision AND your budget.

We develop specific solutions based entirely on our clients‛ needs. One-size-fits-all solutions are not common. We create seating systems to meet and/or exceed existing facilities or architectural specifications. Clients are amazed at custom modifications we are able to provide; large or small we can specify a seating system that fits your requirements.


Fundraising Ideas:

If your on a tight budget, here are some Fundraising ideas you can try!

Below are a few ideas to guide K-12 school administrators, booster clubs or student groups to develop outreach programs to find new logo chair funding sources or purchasing partners in your communities.  These programs help administrators fund the purchase of the Clarin chairs.

The Funding Programs can support the purchase of logo chairs for many parts of the school including:

  • courtside for basketball, volleyball, etc.
  • in locker rooms
  • training rooms
  • indoor/outdoor sidelines
  • indoor/outdoor waiting areas
  • assembly rooms/graduation events
  • music rooms
  • swimming pool decks and auditoriums, and
  • theaters

 Ideas That Work 

1)    Donations and Recognition 

  • Potential purchasing partners can be parents, alumni, booster clubs, local corporations or other members of the “school community.”
  • Unique personalization can include a donor’s name displayed in the channel on top of the chair
  • Or by creating a logo on the outer back of the chair.
  • Or by using a slip cover with the donor’s name


2)    Fundraising

  • Raise funds by selling your own unique logo chairs to your “school community” to finance the purchase of your logo chairs or to fulfill other school funding needs.
  • Add celebrity signatures of a famous graduate or personalize each chair to enhance their value.
  • Hold an auction of your unique and enhanced logo chairs. Auctions can be held at a school event or online
  • Designate a premium seating area where the school can charge more money during events sitting on your logo chairs.


3)    Corporate Sponsorship

  • Contact local merchants or consumer companies with sponsorship opportunities to include their corporate logo and message on the school’s logo chairs.

Multiple logo locations on each chair offer more discrete or highly- visible branding options for advertisers to choose from.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Details / Specifications

Specification/Size Info



The units to be furnished herein shall be of attractive design, free from objectionable projections or irregularities. They shall be units of first-class workmanship with particular reference to smooth rounding of corners and edges, smoothness of exposed welds, bolts and rivets, free from all scratching, tearing and pinching hazards.


The specifications are based on the standards and quality of Clarin by Hussey Seating, 38 Dyer St Ext, North Berwick, Maine, 03906 or an approved equal.

The chairs to be furnished hereunder shall be Model 3400B folding chairs, as manufactured by Clarin by Hussey Seating. The chair shall have the self-leveling X-type frame with double tube and channel construction for durability, ease of operation and compact storage. The overall width of the complete chair, after fabricating and assembly, shall be approximately 18 1/4' maximum and the overall height with chair unfolded in seating position, measured between the surface of the floor and the top of the chair shall be approximately 32-1/2". Each single chair equipped with the required upholstered seat and upholstered back, when folded, ready for storage, shall not be greater than 4-1/4" in thickness and 40" high in the closed position. The chair shall weigh no greater than 18 lbs. and be designed in such a manner that one person can handle two chairs in each arm, thus dramatically reducing labor costs.


CHAIR FRAME: The main frame of the chair shall be composed of U.S. steel, having a thickness of not less than 19 gauge 1/4 hard, rolled and formed into a cross-section having a center channel edge with side tubes. The channel and two tubes shall be formed from a single piece of steel and the edge of the steel forming the tubes shall be rolled and formed to fit the channel face uniformly and snugly. The finished frame member cross-section, after forming, shall be approximately 1-3/8" in width with a channel width between side tubes of approximately 5/8" in width and a thickness including side tubes of approximately 3/8". After the channel has been formed it shall be installed in the chair frame with the formed channel on the outside. All perforations shall be in the channel; the tubes shall not be perforated. The double tube and channel leg and frame constructions shall functionally resemble that of an I-beam which will allow for a built-in resiliency and avoid rigidity, thus diminishing stress which could cause component parts to break.

LEGS: The main frame two back legs of each chair shall be provided with two horizontal steel stretchers welded into the inside of the chair legs. Said stretchers shall be made of U.S. Steel having a thickness of not less than 19 gauge in the double tube and channel configuration and further strengthened with embossing. With the chair frame unfolded to the normal seating position, the top of the lower stretcher shall be located approximately 4" above the floor surface. Said measurement shall be made vertically between the top of the stretcher and the floor surface. The upper end of the rear chair legs shall be provided with a suitable hinge connected to the forward legs of the main frame. The hinge connection between chair legs shall consist of suitable size solid rivet extending through the rear chair legs and the hinge assembly, welded or riveted to the rear legs.The main frame front legs shall be provided with two horizontal steel stretcher welded inside the chair. Said stretcher shall be formed and shaped in the double tube and channel configuration.

RUBBER FEET: The feet of all chair legs shall be equipped with removable, non-marring, rubber glides molded over a U-shaped steel insert. The insert shall be designed for installation in the tubes forming the sides of each chair leg and after installation, shall have sufficient tension to secure the glide to the respective leg to avoid loss of same through use of malicious removal. Steel inserts are to be bonderized with zinc phosphate for more efficient adhesion of the molded rubber and to inhibit oxidation. Should the rubber wear through, after years of use, the soft metal surface of the U-shaped furniture glide shall prevent scarring of the floor which is common with tubular type chairs. The floor bearing surface of the rubber feet shall be 3/8" x 1".

SEAT FRAME: The main frame of the chair shall be equipped with a continuous rolled steel angle frame formed to such size necessary to enclose and also to support the upholstered seat cushion. The steel angle of which the seat frame is made shall be no less than 11 gauge U.S. carbon steel. The vertical leg of the seat frame cross-section used to band the chair seat cushion shall be no less than 7/8" in height and the leg approximately 1/2" in width. The frame shall be formed into a rectangular shape having equal radius curves on all four frame corners. The ends of the steel angle shall be butted together and joined with a suitable splice located on the rear side of the proposed cushion frame. The interior cross-dimensions of the finished frame measured between parallel sides shall be approximately 16-1/2" x 15-1/2". The seat frame shall be installed on the main frame of the chair and with suitable rivet type hinges which shall be properly spaced with debossed rivet holes to insure smooth hinge operation. The seat frame lower flange, upon which the seat cushion will rest after installation on the chair main frame when measured at the front center of the frame shall be approximately 15-3/4" above the floor surface, and the rear, lower flange of said frame, when measured at the center of the frame shall be approximately 14" above the floor surface.

SEAT CUSHION: The chair seat frame specified shall be equipped with a seat cushion designed and constructed to fit inside and be protected by the seat frame. The seat cushion is manufactured in North America. The finished dimensions of the seat shall be not less than 18" wide and 15-1/2" deep. The seat cushion shall be constructed on a base made of a single piece of 1/4' thick hardboard, manufactured in North America. The seat cushions shall be constructed with a CAL 117 fire retardant polyurethane foam, 2-1/2' thick except for Boxx Seat style, which is 3' thick. The seat board and foam shall be covered with the upholstery material specified, properly stitched around the cushion to form a shaped cushion and attached to the underside of the seat board with suitable metal staples.

The seat shall be provided with a sufficient number of air vents to allow the air in the cushion to discharge when cushion is loaded. Such discharge of air shall be done with the minimum of discharge noise. Securing the cushion into the seat frame is done by using the threaded metal inserts on three sides of the seat, and secured to the seat frame using metal lugs and hex head screws. For Boxx Seat (logo chair) information, refer to section Portable Folding Product Options.

BACK CUSHION: The back cushion is manufactured in North America. The back cushion shall be constructed on a base made of a single piece of 1/8' thick fiberboard, with 4 threaded metal inserts, manufactured in North America. The back cushions shall be constructed with 7/8' thick CAL 117 fire retardant polyurethane foam. The back board and foam shall be covered with the upholstery material specified, properly stitched around the cushion to form a shaped cushion and attached to the underside of the seat board with suitable metal staples. The back cushion is secured to the back panel using tamper proof screws. For Boxx Seat (logo chair) information, refer to section Portable Folding Product Options.

FINISH FOR STEEL COMPONENTS: (Indoor) Material shall be pre-treated in an iron phosphate wash system prior to finish application. Finish shall be a specially blended polyester T.G.I.C./Epoxy powder coating with a minimum dry film thickness of 1.5 mils [0.038 mm].

DATE STAMP: A manufactures date stamp; a two-digit number indicating year of fabrication, is stamped on the chair’s front leg. Chairs without a date stamp will not be acceptable.


ERECT PITCH: Pitch angle of seat back is available in two (2) styles, standard 30 degree and [EP] – erect pitch 25 degree.

INTERBRACKET GANGING DEVICE: Ganging Device options include the following: IBR – Interbracket ganging consists of two integral welded brackets to chair frame which links the chairs as close as possible to minimize row lengths. This option is a set- in slot (or keyhole), which allows chairs to be ganged quickly. The overall width of the chair will become approximately 20' wide with IBRs. Permanent Ganging – Chairs are joined by continuous heavy gauge steel stretchers riveted to front and rear of frames and by the welding of adjacent frames. This option allows a maximum of three chairs to be ganged together. (Interbrackets are required factory installation for permanent ganging.) SBR - Spacer brackets are used in a similar fashion as IBR, but provide additional space between chairs when ganging. IBR Arms – Interbracket ganging arms are available after market. (IBR Interbrackets are required factory installation.) Provides ganging device with attached armrest feature. Armrest are available with standard Clarin fabric and/or vinyl, all C.O.M. fabrics require factory approval. Cal 117 Fire Retardant Foams are standard.

CUPHOLDER ARMRESTS: The cupholder attachment can be used with add-on IBR Arms for after market option. Cupholder option comes standard with a plastic one cupholder attachment.

BOXX SEAT: Options are as follows; Screen Print up to seven (7) color separations per seat and back (vinyl only), Embroidery (fabric only, not vinyl). Custom graphic supplied by customer. Standard Clarin vinyl for Boxx Seat screen, standard Clarin fabric for Boxx Seat embroidery, all C.O.M. fabrics require factory approval.

EMBOSSING: Upholstered back (back only) and non upholstered all steel seat back only can be ordered with the following two options; Standard – (Cafeteria, Music Dept., Phys. Ed. Dept.) or Custom – 1' letters only.

STENCILING: Black ink only. Maximum lettering size of 10' L x 5' H using 1' block lettering, two lines maximum. Stenciling can be applied to the following: upholstered back (back only), non-upholstered all steel back, and on the underside of the seat board.

DOUBLE BACK: A double back allows additional screen/embroidery printing on back of seat panel.

SLIP COVERS: To place over seat backs, and are available in two sizes; Standard – without grommets and in oversized – (No Grommets, Grommets or Snaps). Boxx Seat Slip Cover options are as follows; screen print up to seven (7) color separations back (vinyl only). Custom graphic supplied by customer. Standard Clarin vinyl for Boxx Seat screen, all C.O.M. fabrics require factory approval.

K-BRACE: Provides additional support angles on frame. K-braces are riveted.

WEATHERFIGHTER FEATURE: Available on all portable seating products. This feature is perfect for environments that expose a chair to occasional and temporary 0utdoor use or high humidity. The all steel frame is completely immersed in a special sealant before powder coating process to deter rust. Plastic seat and back inserts used to prevent warping. Marine grade vinyl is available in a variety of colors, which can be silk screened for Logo Seat application. Vinyl is oil resistant, cold resistant to –20F and has no appreciable color fading (ASTM G23-81). NOTE: This is a weather resistant chair only – it is not warranted to be weather proof. Clarin by Hussey Seating does not recommend keeping or storing chairs outdoors where they are exposed directly to rain or other extreme weather conditions for an extended period of time (i.e. longer than one day) without being stored inside and dried completely. Clarin by Hussey Seating’s warranty does not cover defects caused by direct exposure to rain or other extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time.

FRAME FINISH: Refer to Portable Frame Color Chart for visual color selection. Custom Colors are also available for a non-discount fee.

STANDARD FABRIC: Refer to Standard Grade 1-3 cards for visual color selection, all C.O.M. (Custom Fabric and Customer Supplied Fabric) require factory approval.

STANDARD VINYL: Refer to Standard Grade 1-3 cards for visual color selection, all C.O.M. (Custom Vinyl and Customer Supplied Vinyl) require factory approval.


Cleaning: Clean Products in accordance with manufacturer instruction prior to Owner’s acceptance. Remove construction debris, including cartons from project site and legally dispose of debris.

Protection: Protect installed product and finished surfaces from damage during construction.

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