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Although Athletics Pro has only been around for 3+ years, we have  been in the business of designing durable, 

quality and beautiful scoring tables since 1999.

Many scoring tables look alike from the front. They all have safety padding and back-lit art displays.

Most are on wheels and have drop-leaf supports.

The difference in ours versus theirs is the overall beauty and quality.

  1. Our safety pads have beautiful contours and are professionally wrapped and meant to last. Although we have stock colors, we try to accommodate customer with colors we might not have.  
  2. We use 3/16” thick polycarbonate art panels where some others will use 1/8”. This means your panel will not sag overtime and will not break. It is a true safety feature.
  3. A new feature is the added support behind the art displays tracking. This means that it is more likely that any direct hit to the panel will deflect rather than cave in.
  4. Our laminated countertops are cold pressed with no exposed edges. This means your countertop will not delaminate under normal usage and will not swell due to moisture.
  5. We use heavy duty door hinges to support the drop-leaf of your countertop. Others use inferior piano hinges. This means it can hold more weight and take more abuse.
  6. We use all high quality wood materials in the cabinet structure supported by wood brackets, glued and screwed throughout. This means you would have to really want it to fall apart in order for it to do so.
  7. Our table cabinets are covered in water base paint. A very durable paint that cures over a short period of time. This is safe for the environment and unlike melamine cabinets that do scratch as well, ours can be renewed and brought back to life with a little touch up paint in the event of an unfortunate accident.
  8. We use LED strip lighting behind the art display. This means a better backlighting that is spread evenly throughout the art as well as 36,000 hours of lighting and uses less energy.
  9. We use six 2-1/2” heavy duty casters that provide 250 lbs. of holding power per wheel, as well as six 2” casters designed for added support.  
  10. We have a 6 year craftsmanship warranty and a 1 year warranty on all of the electronics.

We could go on and on about our quality, however, we would like to mention the table models.

STATIC BACK LIT SCORING TABLES: Our standard static scoring tables have 2 models which come in 4 lengths - 5ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft.

Freestanding Table: This requires lower level seating with folding chairs. Ideal if you have the floor space (approximately 48”-52” front to back)

Bleacher mount table:  This requires 16” of floor space front to back. It’s designed to sit on the gym floor pushed up against your first row of bleacher seats. This allows your spectator to sit on the second row with great view advantage. A great space saver as well. 

Garden SpotMcFarland

LED TV TABLE: This is an added feature to the existing Freestanding and Bleacher mount table. Our higher end product, although less backlit panel art display, a lot more benefits with the TV. We offer ScoreTrax software which is a high end software allowing features such as advertising, scoreboard and player stats to be displayed. This also has a SMS feature that allows all of your subscribers to receive a text message of the score during a game as it happens. Although it is a great feature, the LED TV can simply be used as a monitor as a display from your laptop, iPad, iPhone or android phone. There are many inexpensive as well as free products that you can get from the internet to display on your 55” LED TV table screen. Our 5ft model is great for classroom display and lectures. All of the controls for all of these tables are on the tabletop console with1 HDMI input for high quality video displays, 1 USB input for limited controller capabilities and 2 outlets on the console for convenience. All of the tables also have a 6 outlet surge protector underneath the countertop as well as cable access holes for a cleaner work surface.

AntwerpIndiana University 12ft Freestanding LED TV Table

ECONOMY TABLE: Our new 6ft. Economy table which seats 3. Not backlit, not big and not on wheels. But has the same high quality materials and beauty you should expect from a scoring table company. This is perfect for small spaces and is very affordable at  $950.00 including shipping within the contiguous U.S. states and includes unlimited art layout designs with order.


NOTE: Custom logos are required to be in a high quality and specific format. Redraws of custom logos require a $65.00 per hour charge. We will always see if we can use what you have first and will never charge you for redraw without your consent. We do have a small gallery of logo images that you may pick from for your table or chairs if needed. 

POSSESSION UNITS: Available in arrows only, arrows with single bonus indicators and arrows with double bonus indicators. Our new design allows for better airflow for the electronics, assuring a longer life as well as a lower profile. Others use new technology which display small membrane touch pads for the controllers. We continue to use the LED lighting with the larger buttons as they are much easier to see as well as quicker to initiate. These have been tried and true for 13 years. You know what they say. "If it’s not broke…….."