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Single and Double Panel Display

Double panel tables are ideal for adding sponsors/advertisers and recognition displays. This allows you to easily replace your advertising panel with new sponsors without interfering with the school display. Double panel displays are also an aesthetic decision such as wanting to display “Welcome To....” on one panel, and “Home Of The....” on the other panel.

Single panel displays are great for continuous text or logo such as the image below.

Either way, you are able to have your artwork displayed however you would like on either types of display with no cost difference.

Single Panel Scoring TableDouble Panel Scoring Table

3 Panel Display

Another option is a three panel display. Below are a couple of examples. There is an up charge to this option. In these examples, the schools have the middle panel with the school's display and the 2 outer panels with advertisers displayed.

Three Panel Scoring TableThree Panel Scoring Table

Multiple Tables

When ordering multiple tables, you can mix or match your display options from table to table. Below are examples of multiple tables. With our table top rotary connectors, you can lock your tables together for the long table look.

Mutil Panel Scoring TableMulti Panel Scoring Table
Multi Panel Scoring TableMulti Panel Scoring Table