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Powr-Line International Volleyball Package

Powr-Line® International Package includes

  • Powr-Line End Standards (pr)
  • Official Upright Protective Pads (pr)
  • Competition Net
  • Powr-Line Net Antennas (pr)
  • Fair Height Net Chain
  • Free Standing Judge’s Stand
  • Judge’s Stand Padding
  • $3,990.00

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    Powr-Line® International Package includes:

    Powr-Line® End Standards (pr)
    00839-0XX Official Protective Pads (pr)
    02295-XXX Competition Net
    02296-100 Powr-Line® Net Antennas (pr)
    NETCHAIN Fair Height Net Chain
    00999-000 Judge’s Stand
    00993-1XX Judge’s Stand Protective Pads

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    Additional Info

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