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Currently we are offering a 5% discount on all of our backlit and LED TV tables. In addition, we are offering discounts off of our Clarin logo seating products.

Don't get caught without for your next season by waiting until the last minute to order.

The fact is, the majority of schools don't think about these products until they need them.

We manufacture our scoring tables in Loves Park, IL 61111.

Scoring Table              Logo Seating 

Click on the image at any time to see prices without discounts and to start a quote to receive discounts and added shipping cost.

Just about the time basketball season is about to start:

The waiting time for chairs are 6-8 weeks after the art has been approved. Sometimes longer.
The waiting time for scoring tables are 4-6 weeks. Sometimes longer.

This is very standard for this industry. There are very few quality chair companies. So most if us sell for the same companies.

To us, winning or losing a customer is a matter of:

Who can provide the best overall quality and service.
Who can provide the quickest artwork for a quicker turnaround time.
Who can provide the best price.

We think that's us!

So click on the product image you are interested in and submit a quote.
Use promo code: "APDeal" in the notes when submitting your quote for a scoring table to receive an additional 2% discount.
That's a 7% discount for backlit scoring tables or LED TV tables.
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