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Wide Stool 185

3 inch cushion, 18 1/2 inch (470 mm) wide stool with your choice of frame color, vinyl color and a custom logo.

BEST DEAL: 24 or more. (6 chair minimum order.)
Quantities of 6-12 have a 30% upcharge plus setup fees.
Quantities of 13-23 have a 15% upcharge plus setup fees.
CONTACT US for orders under 24! Call (779) 500-0670

If you have needs or custom options that aren't listed, you can note them in the comments area of your quote request.

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From sporty, short locker room stools to tall bar-height stools, Clarin by Hussey Seating has a stool to fit your needs. Durable and stylish, choose from three round seat heights and an ottoman-style footstool. Match your décor with a wide variety of frame and vinyl choices. Add a custom logo to the seat vinyl.

We develop specific solutions based entirely on our clients‛ needs. One-size-fits-all solutions are not common. We create seating systems to meet and/or exceed existing facilities or architectural specifications. Clients are amazed at custom modifications we are able to provide; large or small we can specify a seating system that fits your requirements.


Fundraising Ideas:

If you're on a tight budget, here are some Fundraising ideas you can share!

Below are a few ideas to guide K-12 school administrators, booster clubs or student groups to develop outreach programs to find new logo chair funding sources or purchasing partners in your communities.  These programs help administrators fund the purchase of the Clarin chairs.

The Funding Programs can support the purchase of logo chairs for many parts of the school including:

  • courtside for basketball, volleyball, etc.
  • in locker rooms
  • training rooms
  • indoor/outdoor sidelines
  • indoor/outdoor waiting areas
  • assembly rooms/graduation events
  • music rooms
  • swimming pool decks and auditoriums, and
  • theaters

 Ideas That Work 

1)    Donations and Recognition 

  • Potential purchasing partners can be parents, alumni, booster clubs, local corporations or other members of the “school community.”
  • Unique personalization can include a donor’s name displayed in the channel on top of the chair
  • Or by creating a logo on the outer back of the chair.
  • Or by using a slip cover with the donor’s name


2)    Fundraising

  • Raise funds by selling your own unique logo chairs to your “school community” to finance the purchase of your logo chairs or to fulfill other school funding needs.
  • Add celebrity signatures of a famous graduate or personalize each chair to enhance their value.
  • Hold an auction of your unique and enhanced logo chairs. Auctions can be held at a school event or online
  • Designate a premium seating area where the school can charge more money during events sitting on your logo chairs.


3)    Corporate Sponsorship

  • Contact local merchants or consumer companies with sponsorship opportunities to include their corporate logo and message on the school’s logo chairs.

Multiple logo locations on each chair offer more discrete or highly- visible branding options for advertisers to choose from.

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Additional Info

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